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Catlin Cougars love to learn!  At Catlin Arts Magnet, all students experience extended exposure to the arts, not only in the classroom but through many enrichment activities and extra Specials time.  2nd graders, however, get a unique opportunity to experience the arts by learning to play the violin.  Our 2nd graders are beaming with pride on the first day they get to take their violin home for practice.  We are already excited for all of our violin programs, music programs and the big musical!  

2nd graders continue to grow their skills as readers, learning to tackle chapter books and more complex material.  We begin to rigorously apply comprhension strategies like Predicting, Infering, and Comparing/Contrasting to aid in understanding of the text.  Adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers, with regrouping, takes center-stage in math.  At Catlin Arts Magnet, we're able to explore these academic concepts through the context of art--what a great way to learn!


Please check your student's agenda every night.  In it, you'll see what their homework is, the spelling sentences, and any other important info you need to know.  If you sign it and send it back with your student, they'll earn a Dojo point!  Every Monday, we get a new list of spelling sentences.   Please help your student practice so they're ready for the test on the last day of the week.  2nd graders will have math homework every night, Monday-Thursday, unless there is a test that day.   READ, READ, READ!  Make sure your kiddo reads at least 20 minutes every night; the only way to be a great reader is to practice.  


Specials Schedule:  Cycle Days 1-9, 2:10-3:00  Cycle Day 10, 1:15-2:05 & 2:10-3:00

Cycle Days 1-10  
9:00-10:00:  Strings (Groups A & B even days, Groups C & D odd days)​

Cycle Day 1 ​                                                                         Cycle Day 6
Art                                                                                           Art

Cycle Day 2                                                                          Cycle Day 7 
Music                                                                                     Music

Cycle Day 3  ​                                                                       Cycle Day 8 

PE;  Please wear tennis shoes                                          PE; Please wear tennis shoes

Cycle Day 4​                                                                         Cycle Day 9

Library Checkout                                                                Library Checkout

Cycle Day 5 ​                                                                       Cycle Day 10
Library Skills                                                                       Art & PE; Please wear tennis shoes