Ms. Hild

Catlin Elementary
12736 Marinda
Omaha, Ne 68144


Thank you for visiting my site. Staying involved in your students education is a great way to help them be successful. If you have any celebrations, questions or concerns you wish to share with us please feel free to call or e-mail me.


Ms. Hild


Tennis shoes are necessary for P.E. days. Students will not have time to change shoes at school so students should wear them for the day. Thanks!

Please read each evening for 10 to 15 minutes with your child. We send home a different set of take home books each day.  Please take the time to read these wonderful books.  Thanks for all of your help, your students are doing a great job! Please remember to keep reading, March is the last month for book-it!


 Reading-Daily 5:

Every day, throughout the morning, students will participate in the following:

Read to Self - Students quietly practice reading books at their level.

Read to Someone- Students sit next to a classmate and take turns reading books to each other at their level.

Listen to Reading - Students listen to a story on their personal CD player while reading along.

Work on Writing- Students write every day.  I will choose topics some days, and they will have free choice some days.

Word Work- Students choose a tub and use literacy materials to work on a certain skill.  (ex. beginning, middle and ending sounds, blending, high frequency words, etc...) Or work on word work skills for the week.
Students are at each center for approximately fifteen minutes. While students are working, reading groups are meeting with Mrs. Hild.  Large group mini-lessons take place throughout the morning.


Students will be reviewing patterns and sorting, as well as learning about numbers. Students will need to recognize and write numbers 1-20.

We will be starting guided math groups 2 to 3 times a week.


Students will be learning about the seasons of the year.  Science is integrated into reading weekly.

 Social Studies


Students will learning about jobs and community helpers.

Students will always be discussing and practicing Catlin's expectations. This includes the 4 B's, be resposible, be respectful, be safe, be kind.


Catlin students are expected to be safe, be responsible, and be respectful. 

·    Students will receive a reminder the first time they do not follow classroom expectations. 

·    If they continue their behavior after receiving a reminder, the student will pull a stoplight. (YELLOW) 

·    If a student does not follow classroom expectations after that, they will pull another stoplight and be sent to the PAC room.  (RED)  There they will come up with an action plan and a parent will be contacted. 

·    If a child does not correct their behavior after coming back from the PAC room, they will be sent to the principal’s office. 

If you have any questions, please let us know