We are very excited about the music program at our school.  The success we enjoy is a direct reflection of the students who participate in our music education curriculum.  It is a delight to work at a school where students and parents work for excellence! 

Courses I Teach

  • General Music: All students Grades K- 6
  • Fourth Grade Recorder: 30 minutes each week (all year). Students participate in the Omaha Symphony LinkUp! communities project.
  • Fifth and Sixth Grade Keyboarding/Hand Chimes: elective, 4 choirs.  30 minute rehearsals are scheduled twice weekly.
  • Catlin Chorus Grades 5 & 6:  both non-select and auditioned choirs.  Additional rehearsals are scheduled for performance preparation.

    Student achievement in the arts is featured throughout the year at Performance Showcase Assemblies.  Student awareness of the opportunities and skills required for participation in the arts (and careers) is enriched through multiple contacts with guest artists and field trips to arts organizations and even


The instrumental music program of the Omaha Public Schools services students from fourth grade to twelfth grade with instructional offerings in both band and orchestra.  Instruction is provided twice a week for thirty minutes periods.  An outcome based, sequential curriculum has been developed for each grade level of instruction.  Content standards relate to the following topics:  tone production, rhythm, instrumental literature, multicultural/non-sexist diversity, ensemble performance skills, and instrument care and maintenance.  District provided assessments (Criterion Referenced Tests or CRT’s) are administered twice yearly to evaluate student progress.

String instruction begins in the fourth grade (with the exception of CATLIN, where all 2nd and 3rd grade students play the violin).  Students may learn to play violin, viola, cello, and string bass.  Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes are offered at each building.  The intermediate string program emphasizes a note reading approach to music instruction beginning in the fourth grade.  The method study used district-wide is Essential Elements for Strings, published by Hal Leonard.

Brass, woodwind and percussion instruction begins in fifth grade.  Brass and woodwind instruction includes the following instruments:  flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, and baritone horn.  Percussion students begin with mallets, and progress to the snare drum during the second semester.  Instruction in the elementary band classes emphasizes the development of performance skills and musical understanding based on method study found in Standard of Excellence, published by Kjos Publishing Company.  Instruction is culminated with a performance at an Area Elementary Concert.

The Omaha Public Schools Mini-Singers is a chorus made up of 60 unchanged voices.  Rehearsals are held after school on a weekly basis.  Students in grades five through eight are chosen from district-wide auditions to participate in the Mini-Singers program.  Student members must demonstrate strong leadership and citizenship qualities and must be in good standing in their respective schools.  The chorus reflects both musical talent and racial/gender balances of the district.  This chorus represents the Omaha Public Schools at a variety of events and activities.