Listen to these Genres

Reading Genres

Fairytales--Stories that are passed down from one group to the other in history.  Usually they have magical or fantasy characters and setting from long, long ago ina land far away.

Fables--Stories that are passed down from one group to the other in history.  Usually the fable has a life lesson for us to think about for our own lives.

Narratives-- A story about a character's problem and the events leading to a solution.

Hans Christian Andersen


1.  In A Thousand Years04:23 

2.  The Tinder Box17:34

3.  The Little Match-Seller08:27

4.  The Brave Tin Soldier10:07

5.  The Princess and the Pea02:23

6.  The Ugly Duckling29:04

7.  The Emperor's New Suit - 11:01

8.  The Red Shoes13:39

9. Two Maidens04:46

10.  A Leaf From Heaven07:37

11.  In the Uttermost Parts of the Sea06:35

12.  The Saucy Boy05:10

13.  Great Claus and Little Claus27:24

14.  The Daisy10:24

15.  The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf13:37

16.  The Angel06:07

17.  The Buckwheat04:19

18.  The Darning-needle08:59

19.  The Bell Deep10:10

20.  The Elf of the Rose12:00

21.  The Beetle Who Went On His Travels16:21

22.  The Pea Blossom09:37

23.  The Fir Tree18:14

24.  What the old man does is always right13:37

25.  The Butterfly

Aesop's Fables - Volume I

1.     The Fox and The Grapes00:46

2.     The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs01:06

3.     The Cat and the Mice01:41

4.     The Mischievous Dog01:22

5.     The Charcoal-Burner and The Fuller01:07

6.     The Mice in Council01:30

7.     The Bat And The Weasels01:36

8.     The Dog and The Sow00:44

9.     The Fox And The Crow01:36

10. The Horse and the Groom01:05

11. The Wolf and the Lamb01:39

12. The Peacock And The Crane00:58

13. The Cat And The Birds00:56

14. The Spendthrift and the Swallow01:13

15. The Old Woman and the Doctor02:09

16. The Moon and her Mother00:49

17. Mercury and the Woodman02:35

18. The Lion And The Mouse01:47

19. The Crow And The Pitcher01:24

20. The Boys and The Frogs01:10

21. The North Wind and The Sun01:21

22. The Mistress and Her Servants01:06

23. The Goods and The Ills01:43

24. The Hares and The Frogs



Children's Short Stories

1. The Boy who Rode into the Sunset 30:39

2. The Cow 00:57

3 . The Culprit Fay 04:13

4 . In the Chimney Corner 07:44

5 . Max and Maurice, A Juvenile History in Seven Tricks 24:11

6. Perez the Mouse 19:20

7. Simple Simon 04:40

8 . Snowball and Ebony 06:01

9 . The Three Billy-Goats Gruff 03:37

10 . The White Hare and The Crocodiles13:52