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Welcome to 5th Grade! Mrs.Clayton's, Room 11


Our Cycle Day Schedule:

Day 1 Art, Electives

Day 2 P.E.

Day 3 PE., Library Checkout, Strings Theory, Challenge

Day 4 Music, Electives

Day 5 Art

Day 6 Art, Electives

Day 7 P.E., Counselor

Day 8 Library, Library Checkout, Strings Theory

Day 9 Music, Electives

Day 10 Music

Recess/Lunch: 12:25 -12:55


Class Supply Wish List

5 two pocket folders

5 -10 spiral notebooks 70 pages

gym shoes

paint shirt


lysol wipes


We will not be having desks. We will be using alternative seating




Art Connected to our Lives and the World

Bravo 4 Art
 NameRoleEmailTelephoneTelephone 2
Amy FeldhackerGuidance 402-697-0414 
Matthew PiechotaPrincipal 402-697-0414 
Sondra ClaytonTeacher 402-697-0414