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Book Commercials:
"…are advertisements – short, impromptu testimonials from students about the books that they have read and enjoyed." "The intent of a book commerical is to provide students with a forum for sharing the books they love and for recommending those books to other readers in the class." Donalyn Miller author, "The Book Whisperer" 

These commericals are given by 3 to 4 students a few times a week. Oral presentation grades are given.


Suggested Talking Points:

Be enthusiastic about what you are telling the listener

Loud clear voice

Good posture (no hands in pockets, no rocking back and forth)

Looking at the audience

Using gestures when appropriate

Title, genre, and author

Know the names of the characters

Pick one favorite part of the book, but don't tell us the ending

Quotes from the book

Personal reactions to the book/opinions

Leave us wanting to know more!