History of Catlin Elementary

George Catlin School, 1966

Catlin Facts from 1966:

  • Opened September, 1966
  • Cost $587,000 to build
  • Built on the very southwestern edge of the city
  • 11 classrooms, 2 kindergarten rooms, a library, a multi-purpose room, and a kitchen
  • Total of 33, 700 sq. feet
  • Formal dedication was on May 7, 1967
  • Dr. Owen A. Knutzen, OPS Superintendent
  • Mrs. Caryl Hultquist, first principal
  • Mr. Charles Beelby, first PTA president
  • Enrollment: 459
  • Social Highlight: PTA "Spring Spaghetti Supper" fundraiser
  • Summer School started in 1967

Catlin Facts 1970's:

  • 1972, enrollment was 577 and growing
  • Largest attendance area in OPS at the time
  • PTA purchased playground equipment, two asphalt areas
  • PTA sponsored safety patrol, monitored by moms
  • School newsletter: "Catlin Cougar"
  • Bake Sale was held at fall Open House
  • 4 portable classrooms were added 
  • Sixth graders go on to Beveridge Jr. High School (7th-9th)
  • Part time librarian added
  • 6 noon aides and a school clerk were added to help
  • 1973- new four room classroom addition to the building  was opened

1966 Fun Facts

Popular Gifts:
Spirograph, Twister, Barrel of Monkeys, Crazy Maze, View-Master

Popular Kids Shows:
Captain Kangaroo, Tom and Jerry, The Jetsons, The Bugs Bunny Show
Most kids shows were only on Saturday mornings!

Popular TV Shows:
Bonanza, The Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres, Bewitched, The Beverly Hillbillies

Top Song:
"I'm a Believer"  by Monkeys

Sports Champs:
NFL - Green Bay Packers
AFL- Kansas City Chiefs
World Series-Baltimore Orioles
NBA-Boston Celtics

Source: https://pop-culture.us/Annual/1966.html

Life in a brand new school. . .

Catlin Kindergarten, 1966

Catlin's Cafeteria, late 1960's

Catlin "Mothers' Patrol", directing traffic, April 4, 1974

Catlin Kindergarten

Catlin in the News

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